Mist and Mountain is a Creative platform based in Aberdeen, Scotland. It offers residency opportunities for multidisciplinary creatives like writers, poets, photographers, painters etc.

Mist and Mountain will provide creative residential opportunities with a focus on attracting creatives from ethnic minority and marginalized communities who are currently wider under-represented. Working in collaboration with a panel of experts, candidates will be selected on merit and invited to join Mist and Mountain for a residency which can last anywhere between 3 days and 3 months during which time they can hone their skills and nurture their creativity. 

The Residency cottages have a total of eight rooms and offer a 360-degree view of the Dee Valley. The accommodation has a four-star Visit Scotland Rating. Located on the Royal Deeside, one of the most spectacular locations of Scotland, Mist and Mountain Residency is surrounded by rustic trails and ancient paths.

The Residency has local ties with Universities, Farms, Fisheries, Meditation Centers, Book shops, Galleries, art organisations etc. We will do our best to arrange exhibitions/readings/workshops for the creatives; however, this has to be mentioned in the application. The creative practitioners will have a chance to interact with the local public in the form of seminars, readings, displays, interactions etc.

Nearby Attractions:

Royal Deeside is a favourite area for the royal family. Balmoral Castle built by Queen Victoria’s is the official home of the Royal family and is half an hour’s drive from the Residency. The present queen spends a good few months every year at Balmoral. The area boasts several castles and stately homes, a world-class whisky distillery, an abundance of scenic walks.

Lumphanan, the final resting place where Macbeth fought his last battle is just around the corner. 

Aboyne is the nearest town.  In 2010 it was twinned with a French town in south-west France called Martignas-sur-Jalle.  

These chief aims of Mist and Mountain broadly fall in:

a) Creating an apt environment for creative practitioners

b) The advancement of literary and cultural activities

c) Interaction with the local community

e) provide residency opportunities for the creatives of ethnic minority and

marginalized communities.

f) make the artistic scene of Scotland more diverse and inclusive

g) Invite international Creatives to Scotland

Why Mist and Mountain Creative Residency?


Mist and Mountain will provide continuous alone time to work. The idyllic rural setting will be an inspiration for the residents. 


Residency provides new surroundings to get started on a new creative project or to continue an existing project. A new physical environment alone sparks the imagination. 


This Creative Residency will bring in artists, musicians, poets and other creatives into the community to share their skills and perspectives. The cross-country residency will allow creatives to make a nexus with the local community. It is a wonderful opportunity to weave the community together in a common focus through shared experiences. Residencies will create opportunities for interaction which will help to boost mental health amongst the residents The creative arts help to build strong relationships. This, in turn, leads to an enhanced quality of life.


Coming to a residency involves international travel, and it creates an environment for personal growth outside of your comfort zone. 


The residency will let you think of your writing goals from a more precise standpoint. They’ll push you to set objectives and deadlines for your work. They’ll also make you take a step back and remind you why and what you set to achieve in the first place.