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Balmoral has been the Scottish home of the Royal Family since it was purchased for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert in 1852, having been first leased in 1848. In the autumn of 1842, two and a half years after her marriage to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria paid her first visit to Scotland. They were so struck with the Highlands that they resolved to return. The Balmoral Estate has been generous to allow the creatives for nature walk, hike and nature workshops. 

Res Artis

Mist and Mountain Creative Residency is a member of Res Artis. It is a largest network of Arts Residencies. Our network comprises of more than seven hundred vetted members in over 85 countries. 

Belgrade Art Studio Residency is a non-profit international art program designed to bring talented artists, creative practitioners, researchers and writers from around the world to experience a unique cultural environment dedicated to art. Selected artists are invited to live and work in specially designed studio for a period up to 6 months. By bringing the creators of art in a unique setting the Program aims to situate art at the very heart of historical Belgrade.

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Varapunya Meditation Centre is a centre for study and practice of Mindfulness Meditation in Aberdeen. It is a centre where one can learn to be aware of own self and to become own Therapist.

Iceland Writers Retreat & Iceland Readers Retreat.

The Iceland Writers Retreat is an event comprised of a series of small group writing workshops and cultural tours designed to introduce participants to Iceland’s rich literary heritage.

Hotel Saintevaliere Residency

Arts residency in the south of France: A grand old house, in a small village amongst the vines of the Minervois, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Mountains, not far from the Spanish border. Olive trees, market towns, fresh local produce, beautiful countryside, river swims. Hôtel Sainte Valière is an arts residency, a place of creative production and cultural exchange, and proposes concerts and events.  

Faber, the Arts, Sciences and Humanities Residency of Catalonia in Olot Spain is a place for professionals from the Arts, Sciences or Humanities fields (writers, translators, artists of diverse disciplines, scholars and scientists and so on) come to work on their personal projects for a time. 

Residency for Artists in Tuscany

La Macina di San Cresci offers artists an opportunity to work for an extended period of time in a social environment that is rich in history and surrounded by nature, the Chianti landscape is possibly the best-known of all of Tuscany, Italy. The relaxed atmosphere and the splendid historic building form an exciting combination. La Macina di San Cresci closely collaborates with University of Florence, Tuscany Region, Municipality of Greve in Chianti and Tuscany Film Commission to the realization of artistic projects, land art, street art.

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At the WORD Centre for Creative Writing we bring together writers, performers, artists, scholars and audiences of North-East Scotland through creative projects, collaborations, events and performances. From fiction and poetry, to creative non-fiction and collaborative mixed media, the projects of the Centre speak all the languages of North-East Scotland, from Doric and English, to Gaelic and Polish, engaging with its histories and cultural traditions.

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Tasarım Bakkalı is an independent organization evolving around the ideas of collective consciousness, sustainability and self-devotion. Tasarım Bakkalı is a unique gallery-shop, open art space, designers’ and artists’ meeting point in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a place for collective thinking, free representation and collaborative production. 

Homεmotion is a arts residency located in the Centre of Athens, in a neighbourhood that is still raw and yet to be explored. It includes all kinds of markets and cafes, a fully functioning urban infrastructure.

IRIS ART CENTRE offers artists an inspiring studio environment to discover new trails in their art-making practice. Situated in the Greek countryside just outside Athens, by the foothills of Parnitha National Park, a protected mountainous area filled with wildlife and pine trees, IRIS ART CENTRE provides an ideal atmosphere for self-reflection and intensive artistic learning and research. 

Saint Julian Press as a literary and educational organization embraces a vision to create a local and worldwide community. Our desire is to engage in an artistic and diverse dialogue that promotes world peace, multicultural conversations, enlightened minds, compassion, and an interfaith awareness, appreciation, and acceptance.

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Hidden away in a small valley at 700m above sea level, Cerdeira was a village of schist houses at risk of disappearing after agricultural activity was abandoned in the middle of the 20th Century. Almost 300 years old, the village was built by courageous people, farmers who lived off the land and who, even if they left in search of a better life for their families, would always come back and visit their home. In 2012, the Cerdeira Village project started, which in 2018 became Cerdeira – Home for Creativity.

Bookaholics is the largest Readers Group in Nepal. It is a creative platform to connect the readers and authors.

Independent Translation Service is a professional organization offering Translation, Interpretation and Editorial Service. It is based in the U.K. and is run by qualified professionals with Oxford University and Glasgow University’s educational backgrounds. We work closely with universities, NHS, local communities, courts, police, and provide both the public and private sector with leading-edge multi language skills. We translate poetry and short stories.